In order to provide the best legal services, Phil offers a free initial consultation. As you explore your situation and needs, Phil will help you understand your legal rights, your responsibilities, and possible outcomes.

Your discussions with Phil are confidential and protected by attorney/client privilege, even those during the free consultation.  You and Phil will discuss your situation, review any documents you may have, and provide advice about a plan of action.

THERE ARE NO SPECIFIC TIME LIMITS:  Phil does not set any specific time limits on the free consultation or put you on a stop watch after which you will begin being charged.  He understands that people can be nervous and may find it difficult to explain their situation.  Therefore, Phil wants you to feel comfortable in your initial consultation and have a fair chance to get to know how he can serve your needs.  The time you need is whatever is reasonably necessary.  Once you decide to engage Phil for legal services, we can enter into a fee agreement that describes fees and other such matters.